There are homes you drive by and think to yourself, "wow, that is one super expensive looking home!"

In this specific case, it's a mansion and it definitely gives you the "wow" factor when you see it.

Listen on Zillow for $1.7 million, this amazing mansion in Clarence is just minutes away from Transit Road and just hit the open market this week.

It features six bedrooms and five bathrooms in 13 acres of land, with thousands of square feet in total space. It was also recently renovated.

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The gorgeous hardwood floors and massive living area space is what you first notice about this mansion. The home has a chandelier and cathedral ceilings, along with stone wood burning fireplace.

The mansion has its own sauna and personal wet bar, along with a giant billiard room for gaming purposes. There's also a second kitchen, yes, second kitchen.

The yard space and huge driveway makes it a dream home that might be out of the price range for most, but it never hurts to dream, right?

Check out some photos below of this amazing mansion!

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