I'm that guy.  The guy who has to make sure that he puts his socks on right foot THEN left foot on a gameday.  If my team has luck when I'm wearing a certain person's jersey, I wear that same jersey until it doesn't have the same affect on the team.  But I think I'm done now.

After the Sabres lost game 6 I took the blame.  I wasn't wearing my lucky hat so it must have been my fault.  I mean, when they won game 5 it was because I had my lucky hat on.  I'll go so far as to say that I was wearing it for the first 3 goals that they scored but then took it off as the Flyers tied the game up.  I realized that they were coming back after I took my hat off so I put it back on and we won that game.  So game 6 must have been my fault right?

I thought I did everything right for this series.  Everything that made the Sabres successful on their run to the playoffs was repeated in games 1-7.  I don't talk about the game on the air while it's going on because I'm afraid that it'll jinx us.  And I didn't.

I wear my lucky hat.

I didn't shave.  My lucky playoff "beard" (dirty looking scruff) was really looking pretty bad but I kept it because I thought it would help my team.  I mean, just look at that thing.

When in fact, the only thing that could help my team, was the team itself.  Nothing I did had an impact because otherwise, we'd have a cup here in Buffalo.  But we don't.  The Sabres gave us another exciting run but once again came up short.  So I think it's time I leave it up to the teams to do what they do.  It's tough to be a Buffalo fan.  But I will be for life.  It's gotta be kind of boring to be a Steelers fan or a Yankees fan when everyone expects you to win.  I just keep thinking about the day that the Bills or the Sabres really do bring home the big one.  How great is that going to feel?  How good is it going to be to say, "I was there beside them the whole time."  I didn't always think they were the best teams...but these will always be MY teams.

Until then, I think I can shave off this terrible playoff "beard."