When you think of late-night fast food, what’s usually the first restaurant that comes to mind?

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You technically could make a pit stop at your local Taco Bell any time of day, but for some reason, their chalupas, burritos and quesadillas just taste better after dark (and after a few drinks). 

Even if running through the drive thru isn’t on your agenda, thanks to delivery, you can still have your Taco Bell fix after a long night out. 

But what if going to your nearby Taco Bell was your night out? 

A new restaurant proposal could make that idea a reality in one Upstate New York village.

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Getty Images/Canva

New Taco Bell (With A Twist) Could Open Near Syracuse, New York

Manlius, New York could potentially be the home of a new Taco Bell Cantina. 

A proposal from developers originally called for tearing down an old village firehouse and building a standard Taco Bell restaurant from the ground up. However, when officials and planners suggested reusing the firehouse instead, they came up with an even bigger (and frankly better) idea - to utilize the space they have and instead turn the abandoned building into a Taco Bell Cantina


What Is A Taco Bell Cantina?

If you’re frequently craving some spicy Taco Bell after hitting the bars with your friends, you’re not alone. In fact, wouldn’t it make sense to just combine the two?

In 2015, Taco Bell did just that when they opened their first Taco Bell Cantina.

A combo of a typical Taco Bell with a bar/entertainment venue, Taco Bell Cantina locations combine

Typically larger than their standard restaurants, Taco Bell Cantinas have more sit-down restaurant space inside (although they usually still also have a drive thru). You can still order your menu go-tos, and many also serve healthier options like salads.

The Cantina locations also have a designated entertainment space to bring in DJs, live music, and comedians.


But the biggest difference between a regular Taco Bell and a Taco Bell Cantina is the ability to order booze with your burritos. These restaurants carry a variety of beers, wines, and sangrias, along with their signature Twisted Freezes that you can add alcohol to.

Taco Bell Cantina locations are extremely rare. Currently there are just over sixty of them in the entire country; six of those in and around New York City. This would be the first Taco Bell of its kind in the Upstate New York area.

The developers of the Manlius Taco Bell Cantina are currently waiting for Onondaga county to approve a zone change before the project can come into fruition. 

What do you think? Would you spend a big night out on the town at Taco Bell with a bar?

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