Labor Day Weekend is almost over, which means that the unofficial end of summer is finally upon us. Many kids also go back to school on Tuesday in Western New York.

Overall, we can't complain too much about the weather we got for summer 2022. Hardly any rain to start the summer and quite a few Friday and Saturdays were gorgeous, including the past three Saturdays, which have been high 70's and all sunshine.

While many Western New York residents are looking forward to the fall season, there is still a few weeks to enjoy summer weather and the seasonal restaurants we know and love.

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One of the most popular is Taffy's, which is located at the Five Corners intersection in Orchard Park.

Taffy's serves up Sahlen's hot dogs, marvelous fries and tons of milkshake flavors -- it's a must-stop for southtown residents every summer.

Unfortunately, Taffy's has been hit by the much talked about staff shortages in the service industry, and made an important announcement on their Facebook page this weekend.

Taffy's says because of their staff shortages, they will be closed on Sundays for the remainder of the 2022 season, which began yesterday.

This follows many businesses in Western New York who have taken similar actions, due to staff shortages. Some restaurants have had to shut down temporarily or permanently altogether, because of the lack of staff.

I know many people love going to Taffy's on Saturday or Sunday, since they have off of work, so that part stings. Saturdays might become a bit more busy.

Taffy's typically stays open during the warm weather, so we should get a few weeks left before the cold weather moves in and they close until 2023.

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