The Buffalo Bills are getting a new stadium and the plan is to open in 2026. New renderings and a virtual video has everyone in Buffalo excited about what is coming in Orchard Park.

The Bills Mafia gets plenty of attention nationwide for their generosity and their rowdy image. But this week, it is a group of statues that has caught the attention of sports fans and media outlets.

The new stadium is set to have a group of bison (buffaloes) that are expected to be 16 feet high! On his show on Wednesday, Pat McAfee and his cast shared a few thoughts and laughs about the statues and the Bills Mafia.

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The cast went on to say that they "can't wait to see these big ass bison"!

The discussion took place in the second half of the second hour of Wednesday's show.

The stadium construction is making great progress and the mild weather has helped to keep things moving. It is awesome to drive past "The Pitt" and see the first part of the building going up. Go Bills! Can't wait to get into the new hose and watch the Bills!

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