It's Official!
We reported two weeks ago that it was possible that the American Bison could become America's National Mammal, but it still had to go through the senate and be signed by the President. It looks like that only too two weeks because it was announced on May 9, 2016 that the President Obama had the sign…
National Mammal?
It looks like the bison could be representing more than just Buffalo soon. On Tuesday the US House Of Representatives voted to designate the American Bison as the 'National Mammal of the United States of America'.
According to a USA Today article:
"If the measure is passed by the Senate and signe…
Buffalo's Cute Elite
Time Magazine recently released their annual Most Influential People list for 2016. Some of the names to grace the list were Mark Zuckerburg, Priscilla Chan, Tim Cook, Ronda Rousey, PewDiePie and Donald Trump.
However, Time Magazine also released another Top 100 list and it's interesting –…