Coming To Buffalo!
I’m going to be totally honest: When I heard that the Berenstain Bears were coming to town, it so brought back memories of my favorite childhood book series.
Good Citations
If you're under 12, the Brimfield Police are going to be watching you extra closely for their new ticketing program.
What Happens If You Give A Kid A Lie Detector Test?
I'm not only a dad but I'm an uncle too.  I've got nieces and nephews who have given up lying to Uncle Brett.  I told them that I can always tell when they're lying and they're always surprised when I can call them on it.  If only I had one of these...
Are You Worried About Our Children? [VIDEO]
With the current state of affairs here in our country, it gets me a bit worried about our future. Not so much for myself, but for the future generations. Will they enjoy the prosperity that my generation has had?
Whether you're a Democrat or Republican is not really the issue...
Taylor Swift Reveals She Wants a ‘Minimum’ of Four Kids
Taylor Swift has ambitious desires when it comes to family. The singer, who at 22 years old has landed on Forbes' list of highest-paid female celebrities, revealed that she wants a minimum of four kids. She is planning on a brood and is looking forward to the pitter-patter of at least eight lit…
How Much Is the Tooth Fairy Paying These Days?
Some of us can remember a time when losing a tooth meant that we might find some spare change underneath our pillows the following morning.
However, according to a recent survey by credit card company Visa, the days of a fallen chomper being worth chump change are long gone.
Non-scary Halloween fun for the little ones!
I know during the Halloween season sometimes there aren’t a lot of activities for the younger children to do.  It’s supposed to be a spooky time of the year but with little children you don’t really want to scare the silly out of them.  The n…
You Go Girl!
Cheaters.....This is what you get!
We all remember Elizabeth Edwards, right??  Well if you've been sleeping under a rock for the last 10 years, she was the late wife of Senator John Edwards.  If you don't know him....please Google it and let me get on with the story.  Anyways…

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