Running For Dinner
Those corners can be tricky!  Watch as these puppies grow up right before your eyes.  Their owner took a video of them every few weeks after he calls them for dinner.  It starts with them at 11 weeks.
Make Reba’s Praline Sweet Potato Casserole!!
Are you looking for another side dish to add to your already full Thanksgiving day dinner table??  Did your casserole last year turn out "not-so-delicious"??  Well, Reba to the rescue.  Reba McEntire was nice enough to share one of her favorite Thanksgiving day recip…
Rice!!….It’s Not Just For Dinner!
Who doesn't love a good plate of rice.  My favorite by far is pork fried rice...Hands Down!!  When I'm feeling lazy, bagged Uncle Ben's works just fine.  Aside from eating it, there are many other uses for rice.  they may just be helpful around the house.  Here's one....Rice can help when washing th…