Lots of people are about to lose their minds trying to come up with things to do while they're stuck in their homes.  Here is something you could do that will be fun and bring your family closer.

As I was working in my office yesterday, my daughter brought me an invitation for a dinner.

She put the whole thing together herself.

The invite said that dinner would be served at 5:30 and that we were to "Dress formally."

She put the menu up including the drinks and said that the main entree (fried rice) would be served at 6.

(Photo by Brett Alan)

Why not?  We weren't going anywhere.  Why not just play along?

So we did.  We all got out of our sweatpants, and got dressed up.  My wife was in a dress and my son and I put on shirts and ties.  I even wore the tie that featured my daughter as a baby on it (because she would be mortified if I ever wore it out in public).

(Photo by Brett Alan)

Meanwhile, she blocked off  the kitchen so that we couldn't get in until the time that it said in the invite.

(Photo by Brett Alan)

She set the table with fancy glasses and paper plates and insisted that we use only chopsticks for the fried rice.

It wasn't anything extravagant.  It was dinner.  But we got to have a little fun with something we were going to do anyway.  We were able to pretend that we were in a fancy restaurant in our home.

We were all together.  It was not incredibly extravagant...but it was special.  And it was incredible.

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