good deeds

Inspiring People #2
Each week we're going to highlight some of the most bravest, encouraging and ultimately, inspiring people that make other people's day better. It won't take much effort to make a small action to make someone's day better.
Now, this teacher started every day spending the first ten …
Doctor Surprises Mom!
Soldiers surprising their loved ones by returning home is an internet staple that's ratcheted up a degree or two in this tear-inducing video.
Puts Off Retirement
Sometimes, there are living angels. Here is one.
Marty Burbank, an attorney, and his wife, a professor at a college, were going to retire and buy themselves a 40-foot sailboat, but then they decided to scratch that plan all of the sudden...
Leaves Wedding
It's special people like Sarah Ray that do jobs that matter.
Sarah is a paramedic and had been married for only a few minutes when she attended a car accident while still wearing her wedding dress.
Sarah Ray had just got married when she was told her father and grandparents were in a crash on the…
Don't Say Thanks
This drives me nuts, and I want to react exactly the way this guy does. Obviously, it wouldn't happen exactly this way.
Denied Entry?
You can probably guess where this one is going to go, but it is still unbelievable every single time.

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