Sometimes, there are living angels. Here is one.

Marty Burbank, an attorney, and his wife, a professor at a college, were going to retire and buy themselves a 40-foot sailboat, but then they decided to scratch that plan all of the sudden. Instead they will continue working for a few more years.


Marty plans to take an entire 26-student kindergarten classroom at a local school and pay for their entire college education.

The class is mostly from low-income, single-family homes and Marty will put them through college for two years at a community college and two years at a California State University (or something of equal cost). He plans on adding to a personal account until it reaches a million dollars and then retired.

What does Marty want out of it? Nothing much. Just a picture or letter every year until they get out of high school that is based on their college plans.

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