Here is The Most Searched Shopping Item in New York State
A lot of shopping happens online these days and that means trends are being recorded and the world is getting a peek into some of our most embarrassing shopping habits. Some of the items that came up in these findings are definitely out of left field and some make a lot of sense...
Google Translate
Looking for things to make your life easier?  This might do the trick.  I’m going to give you a few “Life Hacks” over the next couple weeks that might just blow your mind.  This week it’s something that you may have just overlooked.
Google's Themed Doodle
This is someone's job...they're job is to just make different Google Doodles. How cool? Some are interactive, some are inspiring and some are just cute! Here is the one they designed to celebrate the autumnal equinox aka fall. Check out all the past Google Doodles you may have missed HERE
Google's New App
It’s a familiar scenario for most people: You haven’t watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones or Mad Men, or you’ve yet to make it to the theater to check out the latest movie your friends have all been gushing over. But social media is an irresistible force, so you hop on Twitter or Facebook anyway, and soon find yourself navigating a minefield. At any given moment, you might read a spoiler. Lucky for you, there may soon be an app for that.
Play Pac Man
Google is always coming up with new ways to keep us entertained.  They've added a new feature to Google Maps starting today where you can play the classic game Pac-Man through any town.
11 Hilariously Revealing Search Histories
Where would we be without search engines? With so much info at our fingertips, chances are eliminating a site like Google would make the world implode into confusion. And while our dependence on technology might be a little crazy at times, there is an upside to it all-- search engine histories reveal a lot of hilarious stuff about people.
Google Maps Take A Tour Of The World’s Tallest Building [VIDEO]
From the time I was a kid, I always enjoyed studying maps. Didn’t matter what kind of map – a state map, a map of city streets, a world map – I'd open up the map on my bed and just look. I guess it really was a different time back then. I still have those maps stored away – dozens and dozens of them.

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