There are some laws that are on the books in New York State that you may not know about unless you either Google them, or find yourself on the wrong side of them. There is one law that we discovered that deals with a routine outpatient surgery.

As we get closer to the month of March and the biggest part of the college basketball season, many guys will choose to have their vasectomy surgery done. After all, doctors recommend that you sit around for a few days and relax after the surgery and with dozens of games to watch at all times of the day, March Madness is the ideal time for a vasectomy recovery.

But digging in to the laws after a brief search online, there is actually a waiting period law in New York State for vasectomy surgery. While it is not clear if it is a statewide law or just for New York City, the law says you have to wait 30 days after consultation before you can have the procedure.

According to at least one urologist website, there is a 30 day waiting period in New York State.

In New York State, by law, there is a mandatory one month waiting period from the time you are counseled and sign your consent, to when you can have the procedure. For other states check with your urologist.

Another site we looked at seems to indicate that the law pertains mostly to New York City.

In New York City, therefore, it is illegal to perform a vasectomy less than 30 days or more than 180 days after voluntary informed consent to sterilization has be given.

If you are someone who is considering the procedure, make sure you get your consultation booked and ask as many questions as possible.

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