JJ Watt

Is JJ Watt’s Post A Nod At Coming To Buffalo?
This may be a stretch, but we can dream, right? JJ Watt had been with the Houston Texans for the past decade before he announced that he had mutually agreed to split with the team last week. Now that he is in the market for a new team, the people of Buffalo want the star, defensive end who has won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award three times from 2012 to 2015...
Can We Get Him?
If you follow football at all, then you've seen JJ Watt.  He's one of the most dominating players in the NFL.  He's gotten a ton of sacks and tackles, heck he's even scored touchdowns and extra points for the Texans.  But let's be honest, the Bills need a quarterback.  Now he's making a push to be the best player at every position.
'Sack' On Stage
Who would have ever saw this coming? The crowd went wild when they saw JJ Watt tackle a fan that rushed the stage at the Zac Brown Band concert.