The Bills seem to just be missing a few pieces to make them a championship team.  One local restaurant is hoping to lure one with their incredible wings.

The Bills had an incredible year this year, but they came up short.  Lots of people think that they could still be close though with just a few extra pieces.  One of those pieces is a pass rusher.

If you've watched any football over the last couple of years, there's no doubt you've heard the name JJ Watt.  He's one of the most disruptive players on the field.  Last year, he even guest starred on Saturday Night Live.  He was one of their most popular players.  I say was because he and the Houston Texans have decided to mutually part ways.

So now, where does he land?  He's not ready to call it a career yet, and the Bills could use a player like him.  If The Bar-Bill in East Aurora has anything to say about it, they're hoping to lure him in with their delicious wings.

If you've ever had Bar-Bill wings, you know they are some of Western New York's best.  Just last week Josh Allen was asked if he preferred Anchor Bar or Duffs wings.  He immediately responded, "Neither.  Bar-Bill"

So the question comes down to this...can the Bills afford to snag JJ Watt.  And if they can, can they convince him to come here?

Maybe it's time for Josh Allen to make a quick trip to Houston to see how many wings it might take to bring him here...

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