Bad? Our Friend Texted This To His Soon-To-Be Father in Law
We have a distant friend who is getting engaged (hopefully) to his girlfriend on Thanksgiving.
He TEXTED her dad to ask if he can propose.
He claims he could never find a time where they were both available so, he eventually just texted the dad and asked to marry his daughter...
WNY Christmas Proposal
This one couldn't have been an easy one to plan when you live with the girl that you're trying to get engaged to.
Mike had quite the elaborate plan to ask Ashely to marry him at their house in Lancaster over the holidays. Though, trying to craft the surprise while you both live there is no …
Best Proposal Ever?
"I don't care what happens! Come hell or high water I am proposing to her today!!!" LOL Watch as this groom tries desperately to pop the question. You can tell he put effort into it and even asked for help so they could have it captured to hold onto for years to come...
He Proposed
Three years ago Melissa Dohme was the victim of a horrible crime.  She was stabbed 32 times by her boyfriend at the time.  The man that came across her body that night was Cameron Hill.  He said she was so drenched in blood "you couldn't tell she was blond."
Brantley Spills The Beans
Brantley Gilbert joined us in the studio to talk about well...everything. Not only did he eat at Chef's, but Brantley got his picture on the wall! See what he had to say about the restaurant and the Buffalo area.  His fiancée Amber was also in the studio with us and he gave us the s…
She Still Says No
Imagine this.  You are totally in love.  You decide that you're ready to pop the question.  You set up an elaborate proposal involving 99 iPhones shaped in a heart.  You go out in public and put your heart on the line...and she still says no.
Epic Proposal
Love at first sight! He knew he wanted to marry her after their first date, so he set out on an epic four-year, 26-country trip to create the most epic proposal video.

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