Imagine this.  You are totally in love.  You decide that you're ready to pop the question.  You set up an elaborate proposal involving 99 iPhones shaped in a heart.  You go out in public and put your heart on the line...and she still says no.

That's what happened to a guy in China this past weekend.  There's a special day in China called "singles day" where millions of single people celebrate by trying to woo that special someone. The day came from the four lonely 1's in the date for November 11th (11/11).

That was the plan for a programmer from Guangzhou.  He went out and bought 99 iPhone 6's to help him in his proposal.  They cost him two years of his salary at around $82,000.  He shaped them in a heart and invited quite a few onlookers to witness the event.

She still said no.

There's no word as to why she turned him down but maybe next time he should just get a few friends that have iPhones and ask to borrow the boxes that they came in.

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