No More Smoking?
If you're a smoker, there may be a little trouble if you decide to light up in Buffalo Parks soon. Though, it may not be as bad as you think.
Buffalo Common Council member, Ellicott District member Darius Pridgen wants to make all of the Buffalo parks smoke free, though he does propose…
E-Cig Explosion
Well, you don't see something like this everyday.
A surveillance camera captured the moment a man’s e-cigarette allegedly exploded inside his pocket while standing in line at a Kentucky gas station.
Josh Hamilton had approached the counter to pay for his purchase when his pants su…
World's First Ever?
This could be a Western New York first.
This could be a United States first.
This could be a world first. A Clarence, NY based business could be the first in the world to manufacturer cigarettes with the distinction of “very low nicotine"
Got A Light?
Smoking is bad for you.  That's a proven fact.  And many people who smoke, often say they started when they were young and they wish they had never taken up the habit.  So if someone who was very young came up and asked you for a light, would you pull out the lighter or would you…
NY County Raises Legal Age To Buy Tobacco Products to 21
Should this happen in Erie County as well?
Easter Long Island officials in New York say that they have raised the age limit for purchasing tobacco products including, the current, wildly-populate e-cigarettes.
Could the new age limit of 21be coming to Erie County soon...

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