Tomorrow is opening day of Spring Turkey Season here in Western New York. Many avid turkey hunters will be heading to the fields before sunrise in hopes of harvesting a jake or preferably a tom.

Turkey hunting is a very challenging hobby to say the least. Gobblers have keen eyesight and are easily spooked by sudden movements. It has been said that a turkey can detect movement at up to 200 yards.

The most important aspect of turkey hunting is scouting. You have to do your homework and find out where the birds are. If you attempt to hunt from a random spot, you results will be just that: random. You may get a bird, or you may not.

Last night my son and I were out scouting at a few of our spots in Clarence. We have now located some birds and when Tyler goes into the woods tomorrow morning he will be set up in a spot that could be very productive. If you are heading out tomorrow to do some turkey hunting, please be safe! Know your target and indentify it BEFORE you pull the trigger. Good luck!

If you do get a bird tomorrow, please email me your photos so I can post them up in a photo gallery blog in a few weeks.

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