Everyone knows it's not a good idea to drink and drive.  Budweiser reminds people with a video that hits pet owners in the feels.

When you picture drinking and driving, you might picture the nightmare of the stop; The police officer giving you a breathalyzer, the lights flashing, maybe spending some time in jail.

When you're hopping in your car after a night out, you might not picture who will be waiting for you to get home.  But when you're a pet owner, you have to.

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The video is titled, "Friends are Waiting" and it hammers home the point that if you're going to drink, you have to do it responsibly...especially if you've got a furry friend counting on you to come home.

If you're going to drink this holiday season, make sure to do it responsibly.  Find a safe ride home, whether it's a shared ride app or a friend, be safe.  Your friends are counting on you.

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