It's the perfect time of year for dogs.  They get to get outside and run around without the fear of frozen paws.  So where is the best place to take them?

If you're the kind of person that lives in a smaller apartment or a house with a small lawn, you might depend on dog parks to give your pup a chance to get outside and stretch their legs a little.

You want a place where your dog is safe.  It's clean, and they have plenty of room to use up a little of that energy that they've been saving up all day while you were at work.

Lawnstarter recently did a survey to see which cities have the best dog parks in the nation.  They looked at 98 major cities across the country and compared them based on access to dog parks, the quality of the parks, and the climate of the city itself.

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Boise, Idaho was the top city for dog parks in the country

When it comes to access to dog parks, Boise was at the top of the list.  They also did really well with the quality ranking of their dog parks.  They were number 6 on that list.  As far as the climate goes, they were just out of the top third of the cities on the list.

New York has some quality dog parks

New York City and Buffalo, New York both showed up in some pretty high positions on this survey.  New York was actually ranked in the top 6 overall.  They were also ranked #1 for the most top-rated parks.

Buffalo was near the top of the list when it came to consumer ratings

Part of this survey was ratings based on the actual consumers.  They asked people what they thought of the specific parks and Buffalo did really well on that list.  They tied for second place with Corpus Christi, Texas and behind Toledo, Ohio.

To see how all the cities in the survey did, click here.

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