A very unique home recently sold in Florida.  The walls were covered with over 5000 Budweiser cans, and of course the former owner was a Buffalo Bills fan.

According to Palm Beach Post, the 820 square foot condo took over 16 years to decorate.  It was part of the Lucerne Greene Condominiums in Lake Worth Florida and it was covered from ceiling to floor with empty Budweiser cans.  Everything was included from the crown molding to the ceiling itself.

His name was Michael Amelotte.  He was United States Navy veteran and he passed away in June after a battle with throat cancer.  While they don't know the exact number of cans that were used, a friend of his who helped put some of the cans up estimates that around 5000 is a close number.

Of course as Bills fans do, they're lifelong friends.  They don't hold back when talking about Amelotte's love of the Buffalo Bills:

"A lifelong bachelor from Buffalo, N.Y., who loved nothing more than watching his favorite teams – the New York Yankees and Buffalo Bills – on television while sipping a cold one, Amelotte got his decorating idea one day in 1990 while stacking Bud cans into a pyramid on his dining room table."

If you look through the pictures in the story, you'll see that while his walls were covered in beer cans, nothing covered up his Bills posters and framed Flute Flakes boxes.

Budweiser has even offered to fill the fridge of whoever bought the property.


Not too bad to get a bachelor pad that's already decorated with beer cans and then have a beer company offer to fill the fridge with beer!

God bless Michael Amelotte and go Bills!!





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