A couple of friends found a kid in their trunk after their hour-long trip home from the Bills game to Amherst.

Well, you can't make this stuff up.

A couple of friends were at the Buffalo Bills game at the end of last season. The Bills win. They leave and drive from Orchard Park all the way home to Amherst. It takes them about an hour.

When they get out of the truck, they realize that someone is making a noise in the bed of the truck. Obviously, the friends are concerned and maybe a little frightened, but they realize someone has been back there the entire HOUR it took them to get home.

They roll up the tonneau cover on the truck and there is, in fact, someone laying there. Was the kid drinking? What happened? Apparently, he thought it was his dad's truck. Luckily, the two men who found him welcomed him inside and gave him a phone charger until he could get a ride. You have to take a look at this video below:

I think we learned 2 things here:

1.) Lock your cars when you go into the Buffalo Bills games

2.) The City of Good Neighbors has some really awesome people.

Stevie Sercu on Instagram wrote:

Kid was super nice, just mistaked my truck for his dads. Rode over an hour passed out in my truck bed. He came inside and watched the rest of the giants game while waiting for his parents to pick him up 😂. Honest mistake. Best part was- after we got inside and he was settled down he goes, "I know ive been a nuisance with the truck bed and all but... can i borrow a charger?"

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