Terry Pegula addressed the crowd at 1 Bills Drive during the groundbreaking ceremony for the brand-new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. Terry is one of the most genuine people, let alone business owners around.

A few times during his portion of the ceremony, Terry had a hard time not getting emotional.

"Ralph--we are moving across the street," he said to Mary Wilson, the wife of the late Ralph Wilson. Terry also told Mary not to cry because it was going to make him cry.

Terry went on to mention some of the favorite heroes that we have as sports fans in Buffalo New York and then continued to mention some other heroes that are no longer with us.

"There are other heroes that deserve to be mentioned". Terry Pegula broke down by saying the names of the victims of the 2022 May TOPS shooting. He went on to shout out his wife as well:

"and if I could mention one more person who I cheer for every day my wife Kim", Pegula said emotionally.

Pegula welcomed the crowd and immediately announced that the Buffalo Bills will be continuing their partnership for naming rights of the Bills Stadium after it is built across the street. Terry said that they have entered a 'long-term' partnership with Highmark.

The brand-new Buffalo Bills stadium is expected to be ready for the 2026 season.


Maddy Glab, multimedia journalist and spokesperson for the Buffalo Bills closed out the groundbreaking ceremony by ending on a note about Buffalo Bills owner Kim Pegula, 'being involved in these stadium negotiations is my Super Bowl. So please take that with you today....It is like a Superbowl, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.'

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