The Bills are starting to look forward to next season by getting interviews set up for their staff.  They're going to interview a familiar face for Offensive Coordinator.

The Bills offense has been a struggle

It's been a struggle to find a consistent rhythm for the Buffalo Bills offense for a couple of years now.  When Brian Daboll left to become the head coach of the New York Giants, the Bills seemed to lose their identity.  They hired from within by promoting Ken Dorsey to Offensive Coordinator when Daboll left.  Under Daboll, there was no question that Buffalo was a passing team. The run game was no where to be seen.  But Dorsey seemed to be trying to bring the run game back and make the offense a more balanced offense.

It seemed to fail miserably and took what was once a very high powered offense and made everything look hard.

The Bills fired Ken Dorsey

Part of the way through the year in 2023, the Bills parted ways with Dorsey and named quarterbacks coach Joe Brady the interim offensive coordinator.  Almost immediately you saw a spark on the field.  The Bills were scoring again and suddenly were a threat with their run game.  Things seemed to be back on track.

Why not just hire Joe Brady as the offensive coordinator?

Many people are asking why the Bills wouldn't just hire Brady as the full time offensive coordinator.  If he is that good at the end of the year, what would this team look like if he had a full year to implement his own offense?

The Bills would be doing themselves a disservice to not look around.  It's not to say that Brady didn't do a good job or that he won't do a good job.  But there are some quality candidates out there that would LOVE to come to Buffalo with Josh Allen as their quarterback.  And you never know who you might be able to get.

The Bills are interviewing a former player

It's been reported that the Bills will be bringing former Buffalo Bills quarterback Thad Lewis in to interview for the offensive coordinator job.

Some believe he could be a perfect candidate after seeing what he's done with the Bucs current quarterback Baker Mayfield in Tampa Bay.

It's simply a question of if the grass really is greener on the other side.  Are we better off with what we already have and know?

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