In recent years, the Black Friday shopping usually started on the afternoon of Thanksgiving, which caused huge crowds and big deals.

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But this Thanksgiving is sure to look different for shoppers. Last week, Walmart, who might be the biggest retailer out there, announced they will be closed on Thanksgiving, and now, another big retailer has followed.

According to WKBW, Target has announced they will be closed on Thanksgiving this year.

However, Target said they will be extending holiday shopping deals by a few weeks. Those should start in October this year -- for both online and in-store deals.

"This season, you can count on getting extra-big savings without the extra-long lines, with plenty of opportunities to score the best deals on the hottest items both before and after November 26," the company said.

I didn't even think about this aspect during the pandemic. What do you see on Thanksgiving and Black Friday at stores? Huge crowds, which has been what everyone has been trying to avoid this year.

Late November is still far off but this makes you wonder since Walmart and Target will be closed, will anyone really be open on Thanksgiving this year? When's the last Thanksgiving THAT happened?

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