Imagine it now.

Clay has to go to the store. He has one kid in the shopping cart and the other running around the store.

When you go to Target this holiday season, there are 3 types of people that you will meet at the store.

1. The parent struggling to get their shopping done with their kids running all over the place. They're losing their minds and any other parent that walks by will sympathize with you and understands, but then they think "been there, done that". This is Clay.

2. The older people who take their sweet old time around the store, but also stop to tell Clay his kids are cute, which annoys parents who are trying to keep them under control. They seemingly walk slow down all of the aisles and cause you to either have to go slow, too or speed up to walk around them.

3. The person who gets annoyed with People #1 and #2. This person does not have kids lol


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