We’ve all heard or said the words “good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite”.  Didn’t it freak you out a bit thinking that there were bugs that could possibly bite you in the middle of the night and you wouldn’t know it at the time?  Now pretty much everyday I’m hearing something about the “bed bug” epidemic. I thought it would be helpful to share this website with you that lists locations and places where bed bugs were reported and it could be a helpful tool if you’re traveling this holiday season.  Bed bugs can stow away in your luggage and hitch a ride to your place where they can take up residence and once they do they’re hard to evict.  They’ve become a nuisance for hotels, dorms, hospitals, movie theaters and many other public places and you can’t tell whether a building or hotel room has them based on cleanliness, the bugs thrive anywhere there are cracks and crevices to hide in.   Until a reliable, safe pesticide becomes available, avoiding them is the only way to ensure they don’t spread into you own home. Check out http://bedbugregistry.com to help ensure you have a good holiday but keep in mind grandma’s house won’t be on the list.

photo via http://www.bedbugsremovalguide.com/bed-bug-bites.html

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