This could be the easiest way to celebrate the birth of a coworker's child! If you have some people at workplace that are having babies soon, there is a new trend for what to give as a shower or newborn gift.

According to a report from CNBC: of the most popular baby shower gifts is personal days, according to a recent report in The Washington Post. Co-workers donate them so a new mom can extend her leave beyond six weeks after giving birth.

As a dad of a two year old boy with one on the way this summer, getting some extra time to stay home with the kids sounds both relaxing and exhausting. I see how this would be a huge help to oms who may need one or two more days to adjust to the leaving a newborn at home and getting back to work.

Check with your HR department or manager before you donate time off. It not something that is allowed in every office or at every company.

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