Jim's Truck Stop has been a staple on Walden Avenue right off the 90 for years. It hosts many people from outside the area. But the truck stop manager said nothing has ever happened there like what happened last week

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A baby was born inside the truck stop!

According to WIVB, a couple that manager Brian Degan believes were from Minnesota, stopped in on Friday night. A woman's screams were coming from the woman's bathroom and then a baby's screams could be heard. The woman who gave birth was eight months pregnant.

“Yeah, I didn’t believe it when my employees said she just had a baby inside the ladies room and I thought they were joking and they weren’t joking,” Degan said.

An ambulance arrived and took the mom and her baby named Nora, to Oishei Children's Hospital. The couple has since left the area.

This is something I've really only heard happening in movies -- a baby born inside a truck stop or restaurant. Pretty crazy but happy that everything turned out okay and the mom and baby were healthy.

Check out the full story at WIVB.

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