So here we go!  At the beginning of the playoffs I wrote that if your team was no longer involved in the playoff picture, you pick the team that you hate the least and cheer them on.  And for the first year this year, I picked the Superbowl a couple weeks early.

I've been hoping that someone would knock The New York Jets off their pedestal for a couple weeks now.  I've always been a believer in the "Show me don't tell me" motto.  The Jets have shown that they can come out on top in big games sometimes.  In my opinion, to be a contender you have to come up big EVERY time.  Until you can do that, don't tell me how good you are.  Show me how good you are.  Otherwise you're going to end up telling people how the foot tastes that you just got jammed in your mouth.  Tonight that happened.  I'm not a Steelers fan but I dislike them less than I have grown to dislike the Jets.  So today I picked the Steelers to knock them out of the picture.

And as far as the Packers vs. Bears game, I didn't care much.  I've always liked the Packers and have seen the Bears in a Superbowl a couple years ago.  So tonight I was rooting for the Pack.  And that happened.

It's set.  It's the Green Bay Packers representing the NFC and the Pittsburgh Steelers representing the AFC.  This year two of the teams that I like made it to The Superbowl.  Now...who do I root for at The Big Game???

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