The Buffalo Bills are MOVIN' ON UP!

After notching a 3-0 record, the Buffalo Bills find themselves in the top 5 of the NBC Power Rankings.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

2. Baltimore Ravens

3. Seattle Seahawks

4. Green Bay Packers

5. Buffalo Bills

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

7. Tennessee Titans

8. Tampa Bay Bucs

9. New England Patriots

10. San Fran 49ers

While it seems like the Buffalo Bills d has been struggling the past couple of weeks, Josh Allen has been the star. Even after he lost his cool on Sunday at the ref after a call, he composed himself and led the Buffalo Bills to a late victory. Allen has even been in the early talks of MVP is he keeps up his performance. He is second in the league for passing with 1038 yards only behind Dak Prescott.

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If you didn't think that the Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, was the real deal you were not alone. It's okay. You just need to own up to it. There were so many doubters the first two seasons he had in the league, but if you have need to apologize, someone made a form for that.

Top 10 Bills QB for career passing yards.

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