The Bills played hard on Monday night, and it shows in the injury report.  The banged up roster saw some movement today leading up to Sunday's game.

According to WIVB, there were moves in the quarterback and punting positions.

The Bills are hurting at quarterback.  The team ended the preseason with what looked like three very promising quarterbacks with veteran AJ McCarron, a much improved 2nd year Nathan Peterman, and rookie Josh Allen.

That all got flipped upside down week 1.  The Bills traded McCarron to the Raiders after feeling incredibly confident with Peterman behind center.  However, it was a disaster as the Bills took the field in Baltimore and he failed to earn even one first down in the first half of that game.

Our rookie Josh Allen took the field and showed a little bit of promise.  He played for a few weeks and was injured just a couple weeks later during week 6 with a sprained elbow.

That resulted in Derek Anderson being named a starter after just being signed the week before.  Two weeks later, Derek Anderson is now in concussion protocol after taking a hit against the Patriots.

So now The Bills are back to Peterman as the only active quarterback on the roster.  Until today...

The Bills signed veteran Matt Barkley to serve as backup to Peterman this week.  To make room for Barkley, they put Taiwan Jones on injured reserve with a neck injury.

They also brought back punter Colton Schmidt and put punter Corey Bojorquez on injured reserve as he nurses a shoulder injury.

Schmidt seemed to be a question mark with many fans as the end of Pre-Season drew to an end and suddenly punters were being brought in to replace him.


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