When you hear that the Bills are proposing a new stadium with a $1.4 billion price tag, you might imagine it having a certain look.  But what they proposed might not be what you'd expect.

The news came out today that the Bills are proposing a $1.4 billion stadium.  That's not surprising.  We kind of expected that it might be expensive.

What we probably didn't expect would be that it would have fewer seats.   You read that right.  They proposed a 60,000 seat stadium.  That's about 12,000 fewer than we have right now.

The details of the proposal haven't technically been made public.  The info is coming from a person who is speaking on the condition of anonymity to John Wawrow of the AP. 

Most people would expect that if a fan wants to go to a game in a brand new stadium, the price of the ticket will go up.  Add to that, that there will be even fewer seats, immediately you start to wonder if we are going to be able to afford a seat at all.  Those prices will be a lot more than we are paying now.  There will be a bit of a sticker shock.

A lot of people are already upset about the fact that our tax dollars will be going to pay for the stadium in the first place.  The expectation is that the state and county will be asked to cover more than 50% of that $1.4 billion price tag.

Why do we need a new stadium in the first place?  That's what a lot of people will argue.  The answer is that the current stadium was built in the early 1970s and needs a lot of renovations.  It was expected to cost over $500 million in 2014...which would most definitely cost more today.  For what it would cost to renovate it, we would be better to start new.

This is just one of the first proposals from the Pegulas.  Talks are still continuing with PSE (Pegula Sports Entertainment).


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