It's been an unforgettable past two days in downtown Buffalo.

The Toronto Blue Jays have officially played their first two home games at Sahlen Field in Buffalo this summer, and both games were everything we could have hoped for.

The Blue Jays beat the Miami Marlins on Tuesday night, 5-1. They followed it up with a 9th-inning comeback win against the Marlins on Wednesday, 6-5.

Fans in Buffalo loved every minute of it and to celebrate the Wednesday night victory, the Blue Jays decided to tip their hat to Buffalo and Bills fans everywhere.

Check out what they tweeted to Buffalo after the win.

"Squish the Fish" has been a famous saying for Bills fans for years. Whenever it's Miami Dolphins week during the season, Bills fans say "Squish the Fish," and considering the Blue Jays just played another fish (the marlins), this is hilarious and the social media person deserves a raise for the Blue Jays.

...and yes, we know, a dolphin is a mammal, but it's such a fun phrase to say, we will never change it!

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The Blue Jays will start a three-game home stand against the Houston Astros on Friday night at 7 p.m. The next home stand will start on June 15th against the New York Yankees.

It's so surreal to have Major League Baseball in downtown Buffalo. Go Blue Jays and Go Bills.

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