Football is still months away.  But those of us that are self proclaimed football fans get our fix with stuff like off season trades and the draft.  Here's what you will see when the Bills draft their first player this year.

As it stands right now, the Buffalo Bills will pick 9th in the 2019 NFL Draft.  Every team then tries to bring their draft pick up on stage to shake hands with the commissioner, and take a picture for the first time with some team swag.  They'll put their last name on a jersey and try to put a ball cap on their head.

This year, the Bills hat will look like this:

The hats are from New Era and all of the teams have an official draft hat.  They have revealed 31 of the 32 hats so far.  The Jets will reveal their hat on Thursday when they reveal their uniform change.

So where did the lightning bolts and stars come from?  They said they tried their best to localize the hats.  They've even tried to incorporate local flags in their designs.  The bolts are similar to the 13 flashes on the official city of Buffalo flag.

When talking to Sports Illustrated, Ryan DiNunzio, New Era's director of football said:

"As we go through it, we know not all 32 teams are going to resonate with everyone. There are going to be some that are genuinely liked by all and some that will just be liked by the fanbases, and we know that that’s OK because we would rather be connecting individually with 32 fan bases."

What do you think?  Do you like it?

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