Bryan Cox was one of the biggest Buffalo haters back in the 90s.  This week, The Bills signed his son Bryan Cox Jr. to the team.  But he says he's not his dad.

Back in the 90s, Bryan Cox never hid his feelings about hating Buffalo.  I'll never forget the scene of him getting kicked out of a game and another of him flipping the whole stadium the bird on both hands.

But that was a long time ago.  This is a new team..and his son is not the same man.

Bryan Cox was a Miami Dolphin.  Bryan Cox Jr. is now a Buffalo Bill.

While the son of one of Buffalo's biggest villains embraced that role, his son says now that he could become one of the Bills' biggest fans.  He just enjoys cheering on his son, and it doesn't matter what team he's playing for.

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"He has no hard feelings, that was just back in the day..."


I'm looking forward to seeing him play.  I don't care who is dad is.  If he can help this team, then I can't wait to see him contribute.

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