Every year my wife and I set out to find the classiest looking tree we can find. This year made up our minds that we were going to let our kids decide. We set out to go to the place we always go to but by the time we got there, they were closed. So we started the dreaded "drive all over God's green earth to find a tree" drive.
After stopping at three places in the rain, we finally found a place that was open. Thank goodness! The guys there were incredibly helpful and entertaining for the kids. But there was no time for eating candy canes and drinking hot cocoa. We had a tree to find.
I expected it too take a long time. My daughter seemed to have a specific type in mind. She wanted it to be short and fat. The needles had to be soft and it had to be just the right one.
Luckily she found the right one on the second try. It was just what she wanted. So we asked the guy to run it through the baler and throw it up on our car.
They never look as big outside as they do when you finally get them inside your house and in the stand. That was certainly true for this one. The first time I tried to lift it was when I took it down from the top of the car. It was so heavy that it wouldn't stay up in the stand too.
Just about the time I started to think, "what the heck did we choose?" my daughter looked at the tree and with pride said,"That's it. That's my tree."
That's what it's all about.


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