The new year is only a few days old and we already have the first recall of the new year. 2023 was a busy year for retailers and product manufacturers as there seemed to be an incredibly large amount of recall notices.

At the end of 2023, there was a recall for a popular small magnet. The issue and fear was that, if swallowed, the magnets would clump together and cause serious injuries.

However, this new recall is due to a possible bacteria contamination in baby formula.

Some batches of Nutramigen powder are affected. The recall applies to some 12.6 and 19.8 ounce cans of the formula with a use by date of January 1st, 2025.

In December, there was also a recall on a popular kitchen appliance. That recall was oon over 300,000 air fryers as there is a potential burn risk.

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