The snow is flying south of Buffalo and we are getting in some photos from around the Southtowns. Here is the first one we received!

First Snowfall of 2021 in WNY

With temps hovering around 34 degrees in the hills south of Buffalo, there is a good chance that you will see some wet/slippery roads. Use caution on the drive to the election polls today!

If you have not gotten snow tires on your car or truck yet, this may be the week to do it! We had a story a few weeks ago about the potential shortage of tires, specifically snow tires, that may be looming.

The first snowfall of the season always makes us remember our winter driving skills. It normally happens on a day like today when you don’t expect it to be slippery even though it is chilly outside. Wet leaves, and even some snow can make you feel like you were hydroplaning or skating. Everyone who grew up in Buffalo and learn to drive here knows that instant panic/adrenaline feeling of when your car feels like it’s skidding.

Get prepared for the winter and get those winter driving skills ready to go as this is just the first taste of snow south of Buffalo. It may be another good reminder to put a snow brush, jacket, snacks and jumper cables in to the car.

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