Before we even start, it is extremely important to note that I love ranch dressing.

I would never ask anyone from outside of Buffalo this question.

It's so cringy.

Why does everyone ask this to people that are in Buffalo from out of town? It's like every single media person asks a new Buffalo Bills player this the FIRST second they come to Buffalo.

"Do you eat ranch with your wings?"


"Blue Cheese or Ranch?"


First of all, find something new to ask people who are coming to Buffalo. That question is so burnt out. Everyone has asked that question and it is so un-unique. I get that blue cheese with wings and pizza is a very Buffalo thing, but that is not always the case everywhere.

Secondly, stop acting like you....and the rest of Buffalo....never eats ranch dressing. Ranch dressing is good and you use it a lot. In fact, you probably do enjoy it. EVEN if you prefer blue cheese on your wings, ranch dressing on wings IS NOT BAD. It's not like it tastes disgusting.

So, the next time that someone comes through Buffalo for the first. Don't bombard them with that dumb question because no matter what you say it's not like they are going to abruptly stop eating ranch dressing since they are suddenly living in Western New York.

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