I've always said that I don't need a huge home to live in. We can make it on a simple plot of land with a quaint and relatively inexpensive home.

However, I love dreaming about homes that are too far out of my price range, and judging by the price of homes such as this one in Orchard Park, are out of the majority of people's price range.

Listed on Zillow for $2.2 million, this amazing home in Orchard Park features huge space and an interior that will make jaws drop.

I mean, the outside is simply breathtaking. The home looks beautiful and features a super long driveway with the privacy that most people crave when owning a home. There's also that personal outdoor pool and spectacular yard.

It also has a separate fitness building and a giant barn with horse stalls; because why not have as much as possible on this gigantic property.

The interior features an amazing living room, dining room, and fully-furnished kitchen; with three huge bedrooms and even its very own game room and movie theater...yes, its own movie theater.

Doesn't it look like a home that some Buffalo Bills star would buy? If I played for the Bills or Sabres, I would definitely be interested in living here. Few homes have left me in awe like this one.

Here are some photos to browse through, courtesy of Zillow.

This $2.2 Million Home For Sale In Orchard Park Will Blow You Away

This $2.2 million home in Orchard Park is the stuff dreams are made of.

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