In a pinch, this was a lifesaver the other night!

Especially for millennials who go out during the week more often who need their cars in the morning for work, the Designated Drivers of Buffalo app is genius.

The app legit gets YOU AND YOUR CAR home after a night of drinking.

How it works: I downloaded the app, I told them I was in East Aurora, 2 people come in one car--one drives you can your car to your house and then the other employee takes the driver home. So, you wake up and you're home safe WITH your car.

Let's be honest. You can take a taxi or a ride share, but if you take it to the bar and then back to the bar--it's the same price.

It's just super convenient and when you're in a pinch you legit have the service at the touch of your finger.

(Also--I just discovered that if you wanted to do a bar crawl or parties or even weddings or something along those lines, you can legit hire them by the hour for $25 bucks, which is ridiculously cheap.)

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