You probably have been doing a lot of cleaning during quarantine, came across your old cell phones that you've been holding onto for years for some reason. Maybe you think, 'okay it's time', but hold onto them! Your old phones could really be a great tool!

1.) Security Camera
Buy a holder and position it outside and connect it to the phone that you currently use!

2.) TV Remote

You can leave it on the coffee table and set it up as a universal remote or use it for your streaming service like Amazon Fire stick TV or Apple TV!

3.) Baby Monitor

Just like the security camera, you can connect it to your phone and save some bucks on the new baby monitor you were about to buy.

4.) Bedside Companion

Whether it sit on the side of your bed as a permanent alarm clock or a snore tracker, you won't have to change the settings ever or bother with it when you are tired and getting ready for bed!

5.) Children's Camera

Whether you use it just to distract your kids, or keep it on handy at all times to have a place to store all of your kid pictures, this isn't a bad idea.

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