Before the boom of iPhones and Androids, Motorola RAZR's were a popular choice of cell phones for people. There's also something nostalgic about the RAZR, I remember them being everywhere in the mid-2000's.

Now, you can experience the Motorola RAZR again!

According to WIVB, the RAZR is returning to Verizon in January of 2020...but now comes the bad news. The price tag for the comeback of the RAZR will cost $1,500.

The new RAZR has other qualities current smartphones have but it keeps that classic snap-down, which let's face it, are a huge appeal of this phone.

The phone has a 6.2″ foldable plastic OLED display and a 2.7″ glass OLED display on the outside of the phone, which allows you to take pictures, play music and see notifications without having to flip it open. The new RAZR promises sharp-looking images when you use its camera.

The RAZR also comes with 128 GB of storage with free "unlimited" storage on Google Photos.

I don't think I'll be switching out my iPhone but hey, flip phones making a comeback!

Read the full story at WIVB.


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