Maybe I am one of the only Americans in this country who does not understand the Kardashians? Forgive me, what talents do these girls posess? They don't sing. They don't act. They don't dance. What makes them so special? They get paid millions of dollars to endorse products merely because they have their own reality show. We all know that Kim Kardashian first got famous back in 2007 for a sex tape, but is that what you need today to become rich and famous? Now we hear about Kim's impending divorce proceedings because she wants out of her marriage after only 72 days. I guess I have one other person in my corner. JoAnn from Bensonhurst, also known as the Real Housewife from Brooklyn is also not a fan of Kim Kardashian and her 72 day marriage. Check out JoAnn's rant.

City Rant: The Kardashians:

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