When you think of famous Buffalo Bills fans who do you think of? We of course think of Bills Elvis and The Chefs, but Pinto Ron might be up there as the #1 seed. He is infamous not for what he looks like inside the stadium, but what he does outside the stadium during the Buffalo Bills tailgate. Who is Pinto Ron? What is Pinto Ron's real name? What does he do for a living? Who is Buffalo Bills super fan that gets ketchup and mustard squirted all over his face?

Meet: Pinto Ron.

One of Buffalo's most beloved citizens has more stories than you could ever think of. For starters, his name is Ken. He is called Pinto Ron because he would always drive his red pinto to the tailgates at 1 Bills Drive.

We will dive into that in a second but, if you have ever wondered why Pinto Ron gets doused in condiments each week, or you have asked 'why does everyone drink out of a bowling ball to do shots?', or why does he cook pizza in a filing cabinet? We have you covered.

It's very Buffalo.

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