Buffalo loves a lot of things but there are two things that rise above most when it comes down to it: the Buffalo Bills and wings.

I'm fairly certain if you ask 100 people who don't live anywhere near Western New York, "what things are Buffalo known for?", many would immediately say the Bills and chicken wings. Yes, we just say wings by the way, not chicken wings and certainly not Buffalo wings.

Bar-Bill is one of the most well-regarded places for wings in Western New York and that means they're one of the best places for wings in the world.

My fiancée and I went to Bar-Bill on Saturday night and we experienced one of the most "Buffalo things" you could ever be a part of.

We sat in the back of Bar-Bill after waiting over an hour for a table, which was fine, because it's normal and there are a lot of things to do while waiting for a text that your table is ready.

We ordered wings, because of course, and we're literally in the middle of eating them when someone yelled, "hey-ayyyy-ayyyy-ay!." The Bills Shout Song proceeded to be sung by everyone inside and continued for a while.

There were plenty of Bills hats and shirts in East Aurora that night. All I could think to myself was how much I love this town and was there anything more Buffalo than eating Bar-Bill wings the night before a Bills game and The Shout Song is sung out of nowhere?

The answer is no -- that is Buffalo in a nutshell. Go Bills.

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