When you go to most cities in the country, you automatically imagine all the best spots being in the downtown area. Many of them are and Buffalo is no different. You go on Chippewa, Franklin, Main, etc. and find a ton of amazing bars that people flock to.

But here in Western New York, you can usually find a lot of people choosing to go to the suburbs to find drinks and maybe some food as well. East Aurora is near the top of the list.

East Aurora is about 20 minutes from the City of Buffalo, but don't let the drive fool you. This is where a lot of Buffalonians go for a great Friday or Saturday night. You don't even need to wait to the weekend to find amazing times and people filling every barstool or table.

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Going to East Aurora is a tradition for my friends and I. We head out there at least once or twice a month. But what spots are the best to go to?

You can't really go wrong with any of them, but there are the 10 bars in East Aurora you should absolutely visit.

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