New Yorkers love to complain. That's evident across the state, not just New York City. It may just come with living here for many years -- New Yorkers just love to complain about the "bad" things here.

It's not necessarily bad things, but rather, things that irritate New Yorkers. Living in Western New York (more about that in a bit), there are plenty of things that drive us up the wall on this side of the state; just like New York City have things that irritate them.

The funny part is we may have things that get under our skin, but there's also a sense of pride living here. It's really hard to explain but I'm sure you can feel that sentiment.

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Now that we're getting into the fall and winter, those complaints might increase as we see more inconsistent weather.

What are some of the things that irk you, living in the State of New York? We think these are the top five pet peeves for New Yorkers.

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